Next your Private Chef:


  •   creates the menu for your approval

  •   prepares your shopping list

  •   preps and cooks the food in your kitchen

  •   gives cooking demonstrations from the menu

  •   serves a sit down dinner

  •   leaves your kitchen sparkling

Japanese Izakaya

   Izakaya is Japanese Tavern food, to share with friends. 

   The menu features small plates of Yakitori, sushi

   Scallop Moyotaki, Sunumono etc and

   accompanied by good beer and fine sake.


Hot Pot Cooking

  Hot Pot Cooking originated in China.

  In Japanese Cuisine it is called Sukiyaki.

  The Korean Hot Pot has become a spicy favourite.

  All are served with rice and small dishes of condiments.   Perfect for sharing at the dinner table.

  Ingredients like seafood, ramen noodles, meat,

  veggies, tofu and wonton simmer in a savoury broth. 

Art of the Appetizer

  Small bites, finger food, apples and tapas are

  basically the same thing. With no cutlery needed,

  one hand is free for food and the other for a cocktail.

  Ideal choice for a networking party.

  To the side is an appetizer of teriyaki turkey

  meatballs on pineapple. One bite of YUM!    


  Mad Men Party


 Learn about the magic of Creative Casseroles and how to    Rock the Crock Pot.

 When you add classic cocktails like the Manhattan and  Mint Julep, you have a recipe for a super fun party.

 Perhaps have a door prize for the best costume.

 Who knows after desert you might even play charades!


  •  Thai

  •  Mexican

  •  Italian

  •  Creative Vegetarian

Additional Cuisines
Couples Cooking Class

 Spending time in the kitchen as a  couple can help strengthen the  bond between the two of you with  delicious results.

 During this cooking class for up to four couples you will you learn culinary  terms and techniques, and explore 

 new cuisines and tastes.

 * No kitchen is too small!

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